Climate Resilience

As much as climate change is a human-made problem, human intervention is needed for the management of the problem as well. Resilience Research, Training, and Consulting are actively engaged in the promotion of climate resilience through the promotion of climate literacy, research, and innovation.

Youth Climate Summit: Resilience believes in empowering the youth through promoting their climate literacy and engagement. In 2016, Sri Lanka Youth Climate Summit was organized through the funding support of the US Embassy Colombo, with the participation of many organizations including the Climate Change Secretariat, Wild Center, Adirondacks, to educate 100 university- students of Sri Lanka to promote their climate literacy and action.

Heat Health: Extreme heat is a phenomenon that is expected to occur more frequently with the rising global temperature. Resilience has initiated a research project to assess the effects of heat on the school-built environment.

New research to map heat levels in classrooms met up with Dr. Novil Wijesekara who's new research looks to map how comfortable #children are in schools. The project aims to understand the impact of climate change and weather patterns on #education. #JointheConversation #ClimateAction #ClimateChange #SriLanka #lka

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Drought Resilience: Resilience has conducted a drought resilience assessment of the hospitals for the World Health Organization. This has demonstrated the vulnerability, as well as the capacities of the hospitals in the wake of drought.